“For the most part, this disc of music by Carulli contains solo pieces, played with tremendous verve and panache by Chilean guitarist Carlos Pérez. His playing has a spontaneous, uninhibited feels that grab the attention…Pérez has a complete command of the instrument, and the dramatic sense necessary to make this type of music achieve its effect.”
Classical Guitar Magazine, august 2008, U.K.

“Carlos Pérez has a round and beautiful sound. Most importantly, he possesses technical agility to spare, which allows him to work with suppleness and nuance, and he moves through the music of Carulli with taste, ease and authority."
Suonare, agosto 2008, Italy

"Without a doubt, his musical ability is that of legends…Perez is a marvelous artist, fleet of finger, facile but never shallow. He's at home in a variety of styles and brought them all to vivid musical life."
St. Louis Today, Missouri april 4th, 2007. USA

“If anyone were looking for a lesson in professional musicianship, this concert was an excellent example...the music was delivered in a fine state of finish with abundant technique, wonderful effortless speed when required, and a good sense of poetic license...”
Classical Voice of North Carolina, july 21, 2005. USA

“One rarely encounters such effortless production from a guitarist: remarkable given how difficult the concerto is for the soloist. It was in striking the the right balance of delicacy and passion that the soloist and the orchestra charmed and impressed the audience”.
Winston-Salem Journal , Monday 17, 2004

“The chilean guitarist has talent in both things: technich and good taste. Pérez did not throwed all his virtuosism to the public, but he let the instrument to sound and flower”
Bonner Kultur, may 6th ,2003 (nº 104) Bonn, Germany.

“This chilean young knows very well how to develope long phrases in Bach [...] Music emanates alive and flows just pushed by its inner force. In Fleury, Carlos Pérez gives us a very beautiful sound! [...] Let’s point out the personal color of this young master who mixes the extreme clearness and roundness of sound”
“Le Cahiers de la Guitare”, nº 83-2002, France.

In few words, this cd is a jewel. At his twenty five years old, Carlos Pérez shows an amazing technical level. Precision, pureness, character”
“Magazine Wiken, El Mercurio”, June 2001, Chile.

[...] "young, but at the same time mature to face different kind of works, whether the style or the form, but related by a doubtless technical difficulty”
“La Sicilia”, August 2001. Sicily, Italy.

[...] "A superb Manchester debu for a master guitarist with true star quality".
Classical Guitar Magazine, December 2001, England see

[...] "The concert by this world rising star, winner of five international competitions and holder of many prizes, was surely one of the best to be heard by the Mikulov audience in the last few years"
Festival Mikulov, July 2001, Mikulov, Czech Republic see

[...] "Noblesse, serenity, a finely balanced sound and much sense of phrase show the performance by an aesthete"
Süddeutsche Zeitun, October 2001, Munich, Germany

[...] "He gets to the point of everything he plays, bringing to even the most familiar piece a youthful freshnes that reawakens interest"
Classical Guitar Magazine, July 2000, England

[...] "a genius of transcription and a master of his instrument"
Kapiti Mail, March 2000, New Zealand

[...] "Pérez demostrates to be a guitarist of solid and brilliant technica preparation. In his interpretation, he plays special attention to the quality of the sound, wich he masters with expressive nuances"
Guitart, Gen/Mar 2000, Italy

[...] "He plays musically, with both finesse and energy [...] Pérez is a great musician"
Label Cypres, March 1999, Belgium

[...] "it is true that this young wonder shows an impressive sum of musical qualities"
Les Cahiers de la Guitare 4º tr 1999, Francia

[...] "His staggering technique and the quality of his instrument, enabled him to interpret Manuel Ponce's Concierto del Sur with superb nuances, much virtuosity and elegance"
Vers L'avenir, Belgium, October 1998

[...] "Carlos Pérez showed musicality, ample expressive resources, efficient technique and beautiful sound"
El Universal, Venezuela, August 1996

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